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Analysis of data for Effects of formaldehyde (Parasite-S) on biofilter nitrification from a cold- and a warm freshwater RAS

This repository contains the code used to analyzed the water quality from a formalin study. We examined how formalin affected the total nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen in water that was passed through a biofilter.

Code to Support Chinook Salmon Freshwater Habitat Potential Modeling and Mapping for the Yukon and Kuskokwim River Basins in Alaska

Code to support the "Freshwater Habitat Potential for Chinook Salmon in the Yukon and Kuskokwim River Basins, Alaska" project dataset. These Python notebooks and scripts process synthetic stream networks and DEMs to create unique reach contributing areas (uRCAs) and uRCA valley bottoms (uRCA VBs). The Python notebooks are designed to be run within ESRI ArcPro software and utilize the 'arcpy' modul

Python tools in support of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Water-Well Database (NWWDB)

Python package with functionality for the quality assurance, harmonization, and analysis of water-well records. It was developed in support of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) National Water-Well Database (NWWDB) as part of the National Hydrologic Geospatial Fabric (NHGF) project.


This python package works with Quarto MarkDown files to allow authors to supply dois for references while writing a document. Tools in this utilities package provide the ability to automatically query to return valid BiBTeX entries from dois. Further utilities allow users to supply a list of dois, look up the BiBTeX entries, and update them into a new or existing BiBTeX file. Final

Quarto template for the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management

This repository contains a journal template for the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management. The template uses Quarto, a Markdown-based "open-source scientific and technical publishing system." The template uses an MS Word file as a template to format a manuscript for the Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management. Users will want to edit the qmd file and the bib file if they adapt this template for

AMMonitor: Remote monitoring of biodiversity in an adaptive framework. Version 2.0.0

Amid climate change and rapidly shifting land uses, effective methods for monitoring natural resources are critical to support scientifically-informed resource management decisions. The practice of using Autonomous Monitoring Units (AMUs) to monitor wildlife species has grown immensely in the past decade, with monitoring projects across species from birds, to bats, amphibians, insects, terrestrial

Model Viewer 1.8

Model Viewer is a computer program that displays the results of three-dimensional ground-water models. Scalar data (such as hydraulic head or solute concentration) may be displayed as a solid or a set of isosurfaces, using a red-to-blue color spectrum or a custom color scale to represent a range of scalar values. Vector data (such as velocity or specific discharge) are represented by lines oriente

GARDEN - A flow vector tool for EDEN

The GrAdient-Related Discharge in an Everglades Network (GARDEN) software computes flow in the Greater Everglades with a command-line Python script (Python Software Foundation. The script validates command-line arguments, fetches necessary EDEN water-level and depth data by means of the Xarray Python package, and then converts the data to imperial units (centimeters to feet). The main calculation

Example application of MetaIPM to the Illinois River v2.0

This repository contains an example application of the Meta-IPM Python package ( The specific application focuses on the Illinois River using existing public data. The code for this project assumes the reader is familiar with Jupyter Notebooks, enough Conda and Python to install the Meta-IPM package, and population ecology. The example also assumes the user is fam

Model Viewer: A Program for Three-Dimensional Visualization of Groundwater Model Results

ModelViewer is a program for three-dimensional visualization of groundwater model results.

UASsbs - Classifying UAS soil burn severity and scaling up to satellite with Python

Classifying UAS soil burn severity and scaling up to satellite with Python

MetaIPM: A Meta-population Integral Projection Model v 2.0

MetaIPM is a Python package (Python Software Foundation 2020) that models meta-population dynamics and continuous growth rates via an integral projection model (IPM) for species living in distinct habitat patches. The package stems from a model that compares invasive carp population control strategies (Erickson et al. 2018). For example, Erickson et al. (2017) used an R predecessor version of this