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Code for Human activity drives establishment, but not invasion, of non-native plants on islands

This software release contains 7 R markdown files, the contents of which are described below. The raw data analyzed in these files is available at the following DOI: 1. SEMs_Native.Rmd - Code for the piecewise structural equation model (pSEM) that predicts native plant richness on islands using the covariates described in the manuscript. -

ArrayAbundance: An R package to explore and model detection data from antenna arrays

#ArrayAbundance: An R package to explore and model detection data from antenna arrays The goal of Rpackage is to help modelers format passive integrated transponder (PIT) tag array detection data for data exploration and for analysis with mark-recapture models. The package includes functions to categorize array detection data into movement categories (e.g., migratory movement versus potential resi


The hyswap-geospatial-data-assembly contains function scripts that acquire and pre-process geospatial data used as input for hyswap (HYdrologic Surface Water Analysis Package), a Python package with functions for manipulating hydrologic data and visualizing current conditions with a historical context. hyswap-gda supports hyswap by providing functions that process required spatial inputs data. Thi


WAECAST allows managers to input lake characteristics to determine the likelihood of stocking success based on data in the models in this study. Additionally, projections of Walleye stocking success that consider climate change are provided as part of the tool to understand the potential future impacts of lake warming.

Example code for implementing physics-informed neural networks and generating simulated data

There are 2 Jupyter notebooks that are example code for implementing a physics informed neutral network, and the code is companion to the manuscript entitled: "Spatio-temporal ecological models via physics-informed neural net- works for studying chronic wasting disease" by Reyes et al. (2024). The first notebook simulates data, and the second notebook uses this simulated data when implementing an

Ecosystems-nabat-FPabund: software for fitting false-positive N-mixture models using NABat mobile acoustic data (version 1.0.0)

The primary purpose of this software is to document the analytical methods and code used to fit false-positive N-mixture models and make status and trends predictions from: "Using mobile acoustic monitoring and false-positive N-mixture models to estimate abundance and trends for three bat species affected by White-nose syndrome" by Udell et al. 2024. In particular, these methods were used to analy

Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst software source code, v2.0.0

The Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst is an ArcGIS Pro toolbox that estimates how long it would take for someone to travel on foot out of a hazardous area that was threatened by a sudden event such as a tsunami, flash flood, or volcanic lahar. It takes into account the elevation changes and the different types of landcover that a person would encounter along the way.

spheroid90gp: Gaussian process emulation of vertical spheroidal elastic cavity models

The spheroid90gp software package computes surface displacements and cavity compressibility due to pressure or volume changes in buried vertical spheroidal elastic cavities. The software uses supervised machine learning techniques based on parallel partial Gaussian process emulators. The technique yields the accuracy of a numerical model at a computational cost comparable to that of some analytica

Global Animal Diel Activity Results

This ShinyApp provides users the ability to subset animal diel activity results by species, country, or project.

Caldera Collapse Earthquake Cycle Codes

This repository contains software files, codes, and data asociated with a publication on caldera collapse earthquake cycles.

Vignette detailing application of multi-scale occupancy models to Hoary bat, Lasiurus cinereus, in Montana, 2020 - 2022

This document serves as an open code book detailing application of a multi-scale occupancy model to bat acoustic data collected according to the North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) sampling design. In this document, we detail a complete analysis of acoustic data collected on Hoary bats in Montana between 2020 and 2022, including: examples of data cleaning and preparation for analysis, mo

GW-NDST software v 1.1.1

This version 1.1.1 release of the Groundwater Nitrate Decision Support Tool (GW-NDST) for Wisconsin supersedes the version 1.1.0 release. This version 1.1.1 release includes updated instructions in the readme file and fixes minor bugs.