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Barbara Kus

Dr. Barbara Kus is a Research Ecologist with the Western Ecological Research Center. 

Dr. Kus designs and conducts original field research on avian ecology and conservation to support science-based natural resource management in national and international contexts.  Dr. Kus interacts closely with federal, state, and local resource managers and regulatory agencies to prioritize research needs, and design and conduct investigations to meet those needs.  As a scientist broadly trained in ecology and evolutionary biology, she focuses her research on integrating management, which is typically short-term and threats-driven, with an evolutionary perspective that seeks longer-term sustainability of species and ecosystems through maintenance of evolutionary processes required for persistence.  A theme of her research is that it is strategically long-term, yielding unique datasets that incorporate spatial and temporal patterns of response to environmental variability needed for this evolutionary perspective. 


  • Ecology and Conservation of Endangered Riparian Birds
  • Response of Riparian Bird Communities to Habitat Restoration
  • Ecology and Population Trends of Neotropical Migratory Birds
  • Population Genetic Structure of Endangered Birds
  • Post-wildfire Recovery of Riparian and Coastal Sage Scrub Bird Communities and Habitats