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Corina Cerovski-Darriau

Corina leads the USGS-USAID Landslide Disaster Assistance Team (LDAT), which collaborates with international partners on landslide hazard projects. Her expertise is remote and field mapping of surface processes, monitoring hydrologic change and sediment transport, and modeling landslide hazards.

As the USGS-USAID Landslides Hazards Advisor and Landslide Disaster Assistance Team (LDAT) manager, Corina oversees a variety of international educational and technical capacity building projects as part of a joint USGS and USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance program. These projects work closely with in-country counterparts to support landslide mapping and monitoring efforts. Corina’s focus is capacity building to assess landslide hazards and create landslide awareness in order to prepare for future landslide events, and acting as a liaison between USGS and USAID. 

Her past research covered various topics in hillslope geomorphology – from producing geomorphic process maps to identify and quantify sediment erosion sources, to monitoring how long wildfire impacts soil hydraulic conductivity post-fire, to conducting landslide hazard assessment through field and remote mapping, to sampling and dating material properties to understand landscape evolution. Her scientific interest is the interaction of longer-term geomorphic processes on short-term hazards.