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David M Rey, PhD

David Rey is a Research Hydrologist in the Hydrologic Remote Sensing Branch of the Water Resources Mission Area.

David's specialty is in Arctic and alpine hydrology, however he has expertise in a variety of field, geophysical, and numerical modeling methods. His work focuses on geophysical methods development, and using cross-scale observations combined with numerical modeling to improve prediction and process representation. David's current research interests and efforts are focused on: 

  • Evolving hydrologic systems in permafrost environments
  • Linking snowmelt to streamflow in alpine ecosystems
  • The impact of wildfire on groundwater and snow processes
  • Development of UAS-based geophysical methods, and systems for remote, autonomous geophysical monitoring

Presently, David is directly contributing to the USGS WB, WAIEE and NGWOS Water Mission Area Programs. He has a Ph.D. from the Colorado School of Mines in Hydrology, and a B.S. in Earth Science from Montana State University.