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James J Roberts, PhD

James J Roberts is a Research Fisheries Biologist based in Huron, OH.

James has broad research expertise and investigates the ecological consequences of stressors like invasive species, climate change, and eutrophication for aquatic systems and specifically fish populations. There are three overall themes his research is split between (Invasive species, native fish ecology/conservation, and climate changes effects) which are all related to the conservation and management of aquatic species and systems.  

Currently, he is investigating the movement, behavior, and habitat use of Grass Carp, an invasive species in the Great Lakes. He has also conducted research in the Laurentian Great Lakes examining the ecological consequences of seasonal hypolimnetic hypoxia, dead zones, in Lake Erie. Specifically, he studied the effects (behavioral, physiological, and inter-specific) of hypoxia on the benthic fish assemblage of Lake Erie, while focusing on yellow perch. Previously, James has explored the potential effects climate change may have on the persistence of Cutthroat Trout in stream and lake habitats throughout the Southern Rocky Mountain region."