Jim Tesoriero


Jim Tesoriero is a Research Hydrologist for the National Water-Quality Assessment Program in Portland, Oregon. His expertise in geochemistry and contaminant hydrology has been used to asesss the fate and transport of contaminants in both groundwater and streams.



Ph.D., Environmental Science and Engineering, Institute of Environmental Health, Oregon Health and Science University (formerly the Oregon Graduate Institute).

M.S., Geology, Arizona State University.

B.A., Geological Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo. 


Research interests include:

  • Transport and transformations of contaminants along groundwater flow paths.

  • Groundwater - surface water interaction and its effect on nutrient cycling in streams.

  • Groundwater vulnerability to natural and anthropogenic contaminants using statistical and machine learning methods.

  • Effects of land use on water quality.


Publications (Google Scholar Profile)

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