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Matthew Conlon

Matthew Conlon is a hydrologist and GIS specialist for the Pennsylvania Water Science Center, with an interest in data visualization.

I began my career with the Pennsylvania Water Science Center in 2015. Much of my work has focused on groundwater quality in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania, an area that has seen extensive Marcellus shale gas development from the mid-2000s onwards. I currently manage a groundwater quality sampling network that examines ambient groundwater conditions at monitoring wells across the State and a domestic well sampling program that targets susceptible aquifers for pesticides detections.

I am also interested in presenting USGS data using dynamic and interactive websites; I have worked on developing several R Shiny web applications that display discrete groundwater data and am continuing to explore ways to creatively visualize water information.

Previous work has included managing National Water Quality Assessment groundwater projects in the Ohio and Allegheny River alluvial aquifers, Marcellus Shale region of northeastern Pennsylvania, and the Ridge and Valley physiographic region, as well as working on a number of groundwater and surface water data collection efforts.