Patrick M Kocovsky


I am the Invasive Carp Coordinator within the Biological Threats and Invasive Species Program in the Ecosystems Mission Area. I administer the USGS’ national research program on risk assessment; early detection and rapid response; and developing and evaluating baits and attractants, barriers and deterrents, and harvest methods for use by management agencies for managing populations of bighead, black, grass, and silver carp. I also serve as adjunct research professor at the University of Toledo, where I work with several faculty and graduate students whose research compliments USGS research.


BS in Fishery Biology, magna cum laude, Colorado State, 1993

MS in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Penn State, 1999

PhD in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Penn State, 2004

Post-doc with USGS Northern Appalachian Research Lab on suitability of Susquehanna River tributaries for restoration of anadromous alosines and catadromous American Eel.