Patrick M Kocovsky

My main research focus in on invasive species, primarily spawning and recruitment of Grass Carp in Lake Erie and potential control measures. I also study biology, taxonomy, and recovery of Silver Chub, a native and imperiled species with similar spawning requirements as Grass Carp. I also conduct hydroacoustics research in support of fisheries monitoring and management. 



BS in Fishery Biology, magna cum laude, Colorado State, 1993

MS in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Penn State, 1999

PhD in Wildlife and Fisheries Science, Penn State, 2004

Post-doc with USGS Northern Appalachian Research Lab on suitability of Susquehanna River tributaries for restoration of anadromous alosines and catadromous American Eel. 

I am a fish ecologist and invasive species specialist within Ecosystems Mission Area. My role is coordinating research and development of technologies in support of management and control of the four major Chinese carps (commonly referred to as “Asian carps”) in north America. I am also adjunct research faculty in the Department of Environmental Sciences at the University of Toledo, where I serve on numerous graduate academic committees.