Thomas Suro

A hydrologist with the USGS New Jersey Water Science Center, with over 20 years experience working on a variety of projects in the areas of SW hydrology and hydraulics. He is the Surface-Water Specialist for the New Jersey Water Science Center and is the Project Chief for the Hurricane Sandy scientific investigation report which will analyze and document the coastal flooding impact on New Jersey


Tom is a registered Professional Hydrologist (PH) and a Certified Flood Plain Manager (CFM). He has a B.S. in engineering from Drexel University and is an active member of the Delaware River Basin Commission’s Flood Advisory Committee. 

Previously, Tom worked as the Assistant Chief of Hydraulic Surveillance and Investigations for the USGS NY: Troy; and Project Chief for Flood Investigations in New York.

Professional Experience

Working on a report to summarize the major flooding along the East Coast of the United States during 2011.

Prepared a report, in cooperation with NYS-DOT, to document the maximum known stage and discharge of streams in New York.

Derived regression equations to estimate daily streamflow at ungaged sites in New York to assist in developing standards to protect aquatic habitats and natural ecosystems.

Pilot study to update low-flow statistics for several USGS gages and investigate the current low-flow network in New York.

Managed the flood hardening of USGS gages in the Delaware River basin.

Project chief for projects in cooperation with FEMA and NYS-DOT to document floods along the Neversink River and Esopus Creek, and the Mohawk, Delaware, and Susquehanna River basins in New York.

Published reports documenting the effects of, and worked as one of the crew chiefs on, projects to document the 2004 flood in the Upper Delaware River Basin of NY, and 1999 flood in southeastern New York.

Completed flood surveys to compute peak flood discharge by indirect methods

Worked on the Hudson River Salt-Front project (to model the location of the saltwater/freshwater junction), a hydraulic model to compute flow thru several large tainter gates and over a main spillway on the Hudson River.

Pioneered acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP) use in eastern New York.

Managed the installation and calibration of an acoustic doppler velocity meter on the Hudson River.

Managed the documentation of flooding from the Great Nor’easter of 1992 along the New Jersey coast and published a report summarizing the results.

Worked on a flood warning project to provide real-time rainfall and river-level data in northern New Jersey to federal, state, and local officials for forecasting and public safety.

Worked on several projects including: water quality and groundwater data collection, groundwater aquifer tests, hydraulic modeling of lake outflows through automatic gates, and collecting low-flow surface-water data.

Areas of interest:

  • Surface-water hydraulics engineering and watershed modeling
  • Flood frequency analysis and surface-water statistics
  • Flood hydrology
  • Inundation mapping
  • Low-flow hydrology
  • Estimating and modeling daily streamflow at ungaged sites to assist in water management and the development of streamflow standards.