Key Officials

Learn more about our Director and other key officials. Read their biographies or contact our Deputy Director, Chief of Staff, and Associate Directors of our Mission Areas and Science Support at headquarters and Regional Directors across the country.

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Office of the Director

William Werkheiser, Deputy Director, Office of the Director, USGS

William Werkheiser

Director (Acting)
Office of the Director
Phone: 703-648-7412
Dave Applegate Associate Director, Natural Hazards, USGS

Dave Applegate, Ph.D.

Deputy Director (Acting)
Office of the Director / Natural Hazards
Phone: 703-648-6600
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James F Devine

Senior Advisor for Science Applications
Office of the Director
Phone: 703-648-4423
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Suzette Kimball

Senior Advisor
Office of the Director
Phone: 703-648-7412
Judy Nowakowski Chief of Staff, Office of the Director, USGS

Judy Nowakowski

Chief of Staff
Office of the Director
Phone: 703-648-4411

Associate Directors

Jose Aragon Associate Director, Administration, USGS

Jose Aragon

Associate Director
Phone: 703-648-7200
Headshot of Virginia Burkett

Virginia Burkett, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Climate and Land Use Change
Phone: 703-648-5212
Don Cline Portrait

Don Cline, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Phone: 703-648-4557
Kevin Gallagher Associate Director, Core Science Systems, USGS

Kevin T Gallagher

Associate Director
Core Science Systems
Phone: 703-648-5747
Photo of Murray Hitzman

Murray Hitzman, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Energy and Minerals
Phone: 703-648-4576
Anne Kinsinger Associate Director, Ecosystems, USGS

Anne Kinsinger

Associate Director
Phone: 703-648-4051
Vic Labson Director, Office of International Programs, USGS

Vic Labson, Ph.D.

Office of International Programs
Phone: 703-648-6206
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William Leith

Associate Director (Acting)
Natural Hazards
Phone: 703-648-6786
Cynthia Lodge Associate Director, Office of Budget, Planning and Integration, USGS

Cynthia Lodge

Associate Director
Office of Budget, Planning, and Integration
Phone: 703-648-4443
Headshot of Geoff Plumlee

Geoffrey Plumlee, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Environmental Health Mission Area
Phone: 703-648-6403
Tim Quinn Chief, Office of Enterprise Information, USGS

Tim Quinn

Associate Chief Information Officer
Office of Enterprise Information
Phone: 703-648-6839
Portrait of Craig Robinson

Craig Robinson, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Office of Science Quality and Integrity
Phone: 703-648-6601
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John Szemraj

Chief (Acting)
Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Phone: 703-648-7761
Barbara Wainman Associate Director, Office of Communications and Publishing, USGS

Barbara Wainman

Associate Director
Office of Communications and Publishing
Phone: 703-648-5750

Regional Directors

Leon Carl Regional Director, Midwest, USGS

Leon Carl, Ph.D.

Regional Director
Midwest Region
Phone: 734-214-7207
Aimee Devaris

Aimee Devaris

Regional Director
Alaska Region
Phone: 907-786-7091
Max Ethridge Regional Director, Southwest, USGS

Max Ethridge, Ph.D.

Regional Director
Southwest Region
Phone: 303-236-5440
Richard Ferrero

Richard Ferrero, Ph.D.

Regional Director
Northwest Region
Phone: 206-220-4600
Mark Sogge Regional Director, Pacific, USGS

Mark Sogge

Regional Director
Pacific Region
Phone: 916-278-9551
Portrait of Mike Tupper smiling

Mike Tupper

Regional Director
Northeast Region
Phone: 703-648-6660
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Holly Weyers

Regional Director
Southeast Region
Phone: 678-924-6609