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Public Awareness and Water Conservation

The Public Awareness and Water Conservation project, 1996 - 2005, was part of the Multilateral Working Group on Water Resources of the Middle East Peace Process. On behalf of the U.S. Department of State, the USGS worked with Israelis, Palestinians, and Jordanians to foster and support increased awareness of water issues within the region from a multilateral perspective. 

RainCatcher: USGS worked with Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian students and teachers, political leaders, non-governmental organizations, and water system designers to build rain harvesting systems for six schools - two in each of the three areas. The harvested water is used to supplement water supply, reducing the cost of irrigation water for the participating schools. 

WaterCare: The USGS worked with Israeli, Palestinian, and Jordanian writers and graphics designers to prepare a Student Resource Book on water in the region, "Water", which was published in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, along with a Teacher's Guide and an interactive website. The text was used in middle schools and junior high schools in each of the three areas. 


Verne Schneider

International Science Advisor, Hydrology
Branch of International Science Advisors (BISA)
Phone: 703-648-5203