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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Engineer and Geochemist Justin Birdwell 303-236-1534
Geologist Adam Boehlke 303-236-1629
Scientist Emeritus Michael E Brownfield 303-236-7767
Research Geophysicist Lauri Burke, Ph.D. 303-236-1912
IT Specialist Christa Chavez 303-236-1644
Geologist Andrea Cicero 303-236-2392
Senior Scientist Timothy S Collett 303-236-5731
Geologist Ronald M Drake , II 303-236-5677
Physical Scientist Mark F Dreier 303-236-9371
Scientist Emeritus Russell F Dubiel 303-236-1540
Research Geologist Geoffrey S Ellis 303-236-5762
Research Sedimentologist Jason Flaum, PhD 303-236-1647
Research Chemist Katherine French 303-236-0164
Supervisory Geologist (Basin Modeler) and Project Chief Rand Gardner 4122677364
Research Geologist (Sedimentologist) Michael Gardner 720-233-1083
Geologist (Basin Modeler) Sarah Gelman 303-236-7752
Physical Scientist Nick Gianoutsos 303-236-1660
LIMS Specialist Steve Groves 303-236-5239
Research Geophysicist Seth Haines 303-236-5709
Geologist Susan M Hall 303-236-1656
Geologist Jane Hearon 303-236-1746
Geophysicist Samuel Heller 303-236-5519
Assessment Geologist Benjamin Johnson 303-236-7500
Physical Scientist Scott Kinney 303-236-5894
Assessment Geologist Jenny LaGesse 303-236-1623
IT Specialist (Data Management) Phuong A Le 303-236-5350
Petroleum Engineer Heidi Leathers-Miller 303-236-5750
Scientist Emeritus Paul Lillis 303-236-9382
Geographer Tracey Mercier 303-236-5088
Geo Developer Robert F Miller 303-236-1612
Scientist Emeritus John J Miller 303-236-5752
Data Manager Raymond Obuch 303-236-5729
Physical Scientist Stanley Paxton 303-236-5563
Science Center Director Ofori Pearson 303-236-5770
Mining Engineer Paul Pierce 303-236-3699
Scientist Emeritus Janet K Pitman 303-236-7745
Scientist Emeritus Jennie L Ridgley 303-236-9048
Geologist Christopher J Schenk 303-236-5796
Project Chief/Geologist Supervisor Brian N Shaffer, PG 303-236-5550
Geographer Hannah Shook
IT Specialist / Data management Christopher C Skinner 303-236-1651
Scientist Emeritus Lynn Tennyson 303-236-5785
Geologist Kira Timm, PhD 303-236-2393
Research Chemist (Mendenhall) Andrew Turner
Data Scientist Brian A Varela 303-236-5747
Research Geologist Kate Whidden 303-236-7788
Energy and Minerals Mission Area (EMMA) Quality Management System (QMS) Manager Michele Wolf 303-236-6594
Statistician Cheryl Woodall 303-236-1546
Chemist Jody Wycech 7202331083
Scientist Emeritus Robert Zielinski 303-236-4719
Physical Scientist Margarita Zyrianova 303-236-0104