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Geology, Energy & Minerals Science Center

Scientists within the GEMSC represent a breadth of programs focused on the USGS mission; Energy Resources Program, Mineral Resources Program, National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program, and Environmental Health Programs. GEMSC conducts comprehensive, interdisciplinary research and surveys of the origin, occurrence, distribution, quantity, and composition of oil, gas, coal, minerals, and more.



GEMSC Quarterly Newsletter: Recent Issue and Archive


Friday's Findings - July 29, 2022


Energy Quarterly - Winter 2022


Predicting methane emissions and developing reduction strategies for a Central Appalachian Basin, USA, longwall mine through analysis and modeling of geology and degasification system performance

Coal mine methane is a safety concern in active mines due to explosion risk and an environmental concern due to the greenhouse gas (GHG) properties of methane emissions to the atmosphere. Depending on the mine design and operation, structural and stratigraphic characteristics of the geology, and the properties of coal beds affected by mining, a significant amount of methane can be released during
C. Özgen Karacan

Visualization of petroleum exploration maturity for six petroleum provinces outside the United States and Canada

Outside the United States and Canada, most of the world’s supplies of oil and natural gas are recovered from conventional (or discrete) oil and gas accumulations. This type of hydrocarbon accumulation remains a target for exploration. In this report, exploration and discovery data are used to visually assist in describing the exploration maturity of selected petroleum provinces with respect to con
Emil D. Attanasi, Philip A. Freeman

Genesis of the Questa Mo porphyry deposit and nearby polymetallic mineralization, New Mexico, USA

The Oligocene Latir magmatic center in northern New Mexico is an exceptionally well-exposed volcanoplutonic complex that hosts a variety of magmatic-hydrothermal deposits, ranging from relatively deep, F-rich porphyry Mo mineralization to shallower epithermal deposits. We present new whole-rock chemical and isotopic data for plutonic rocks from the Latir magmatic center, including extensive sampli
Sean P. Gaynor, Joshua Mark Rosera, Drew S. Coleman