Sediment transport between estuarine habitats in San Francisco Bay

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This research is part of the project “Sediment Transport in Coastal Environments


Investigate mechanisms of sediment transport from shoals to channels
Investigate resuspension dynamics in subtidal and intertidal shoals, and determine critical shear stresses for these environments
Investigate wave evolution in the shallows, because of its critical importance to sediment resuspension
Investigate wave attenuation in marshes
Investigate transport of sediment between mudflats and marshes
Produce data sets for calibration of and comparison with sediment transport models, including wave parameters, suspended sediment concentration, and sediment flux.


Four large deployments (30-40 instruments at 5-8 stations) measuring waves, currents, turbulence, and suspended sediment concentration have been completed: two in South San Francisco Bay, focused on exchange between shoal and channel, in collaboration with UC Berkeley; and two in San Pablo Bay, focused on transport between intertidal and subtidal regions, as part of a post-doctoral research project. See a video on this project. A smaller deployment in Corte Madera Bay was also completed, focused on wave attenuation in the shallows, as part of a larger San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission project.