Coastal watershed and estuary restoration in the Monterey Bay area

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This research is part of the project “Sediment Transport in Coastal Environments


Support further work by the USGS and collaborating federal, state, and local agencies and academic partners in analyzing the effectiveness of restoration work in coastal watersheds and estuaries in the Monterey Bay area. The USGS will play a supporting role in field efforts led by NOAA and California State University - Monterey Bay to measure physical and ecological changes in the Carmel River watershed resulting from the largest dam removal in California.

A group of people pose on large, dry river boulders at the edge of a gently flowing stream.

Graduate students from the University of California, Berkeley, enrolled in the course “Restoration of Rivers and Streams,” went on a field trip to learn about the Carmel River’s response to the removal of San Clemente Dam in 2015. The students pose with here with USGS geologist Amy East beside the river at the former site of the dam, remnants of which can be seen in the background on the cliff to the right. East and biologist Tommy Williams of NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service led the field trip.