Sediment transport in submarine canyons

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This research is part of the project “Sediment Transport in Coastal Environments


Produce a step-change in understanding of submarine turbidity currents by

  1. measuring their two key features (synchronous velocity and concentration profiles) in detail (every 2-to-30 seconds) for the first time, and
  2. documenting spatial changes in their flow velocity from source-to-sink for the first time.

The following specific questions will be answered

  1. Do turbidity currents contain distinct near-bed layers with elevated sediment concentration that damps turbulence, and what is the relative importance of dense or dilute layers for overall momentum transfer?
  2. Do turbidity currents either accelerate and erode (ignite) or decelerate and deposit (dissipate), or can they existing in an equilibrium-state with near uniform velocity?
  3. What is the quantitative relationship between mean flow velocity and sediment carrying capacity?