Transport of invasive microorganisms

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This research is part of the project, “Sediment Transport in Coastal Environments.”

The objectives of his project are to investigate the vectors and timing of microbiological invasions and the subsequent dispersal of these non-native organisms due to sediment transport.

We will attempt to confirm the identification of specific invasives encountered with molecular sequencing, monitor the spread of the invading populations through their recent distribution and the historic sedimentologic record, and document the impact of the invasions on native populations.

The information we gain in this study will also aid port managers in developing plans for reducing the introduction of invasives in our nation's ports by understanding potential pathways of introductions and the temporal survival capability of these organisms during transport.

Grid of photomicrographs and sketches of foraminifera.

Figure 2 from the 2012 publication, "Arrival and Expansion of the Invasive Foraminifera Trochammina hadai Uchio in Padilla Bay, Washington," by McGann, et al.