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We provide current and historical surface-water, groundwater, water quality, water use, and ecological data in various formats (map, graphical, tabular).

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Vertical gradients of filtered methylmercury, filtered total mercury, dissolved organic carbon, and dissolved chloride in stream-bed sediments at SixMile Brook, New York and McTier Creek, South Carolina during summer 2009.

Data includes finescale (1.5 cm minimum resolution) vertical solute concentrations for filtered methylmercury (ng/L), filtered total mercury (ng/L), dissolved organic carbon (mg/L), and dissolved chloride (micromole/L) in SixMile Brook, New York and McTier Creek, South Carolina. Vertical solute data were assessed one time at one site in each stream in 2009, at edge-of-water (margin) and center-of-

Data release for journal article entitled Removal Kinetics of Dissolved Organic Matter and the Optical Clarity of Groundwater - Supporting Data

Water quality and optical absorbance data for journal article entitled, "The removal kinetics of dissolved organic matter and the optical clarity of groundwater" by FH Chapelle, Yuan Shen, Eric W. Strom, and Ronald Benner.

Periphyton (1993-2011) and Water Quality (2014) Data for ET&C Article Entitled Spatial and Temporal Variation in Microcystins Occurrence in Wadeable Streams in the Southeastern USA

Spatial reconnaissance of fluvial microcystins (MC) concentrations and select water-quality parameters, including nutrients and periphyton biomass, in 75 wadeable streams in the Piedmont region of the southeastern USA during 2014. Data set includes only those data specifically discussed in the associated journal article: Loftin, K.A., Clark, J.M., Journey, C.A., Kolpin, D.W., Van Metre, P.C.,