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Our WFRC scientists work from four locations in two western states. Laboratories are located in Seattle, on Marrowstone Island, in the Columbia River Gorge, WA, and in Klamath Falls, OR. The Center is engaged in biological research on critical natural resource issues facing the nation. Our research includes work in habitats that encompass rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries and marine environments.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Supervisory Facility Operations Specialist John Allen 206-526-6564
Biologist William N Batts 206-526-2289
Maintenance Mechanic John W. Beal 360-385-1007
Ext: 226
Chief-Ecology Section David A. Beauchamp, Ph.D. 206-526-6596
Fish Biologist Scott L. Benson 509-758-3311
Fish Biologist Bradley Bickford 509-758-3311
Fish Biologist Summer Burdick 509-538-2991
Fish Biologist John M Caldwell 541-273-8689
Microbiologist Dorothy Chase 206-526-2040
Administrative Assistant Meaghan Cheney 541-273-8689
Ext: 210
Biological Science Technician Tessa Code 206-526-2040
Research Fish Biologist Emeritus Patrick Connolly, Ph.D. 509-538-2969
Biological Science Laboratory Technician (Microbiology) Carla M Conway 206-526-2042
Research Fish Biologist Timothy Counihan 509-538-2981
Biological Science Technician Ellie Dalsky
Fish Biologist Michael Dodrill 509-538-2912
Research Ecologist Jeffrey Duda 206-526-2532
Fish Biologist Brian Ekstrom 509-538-2965
Research Microbiologist Diane Elliott, Ph.D. 206-526-6591
Research Microbiologist Eveline (Evi) Emmenegger 206-526-2276
Electronics Technician Scott Evans 509-538-2910
Biological Science Technician (Fisheries) Shayla S. Ferreiro-Luce 360-385-1007
Ext: 224
IT Specialist (Sysanalysis) Barbara Gee 509-538-2929
Administrative Operations Assistant Sylvia R. Gholson 206-526-2521
Biological Science Technician (Fisheries) Courtney Grady 360-385-1007
Ext: 227
Computational Biologist Justin Greer, Ph.D. 206-526-2055
Fish Biologist Jacob Gregg 360-385-1007
Ext: 223
Research Statistician (Biology) Dalton Hance 509-538-2299
Electronics Technician Philip Haner 509-538-2937
Research Immunologist John Hansen, Ph.D. 206-526-6588
Biological Science Technician Gabriel Hansen 509-538-2961
Fish Biologist Amy C Hansen 509-538-2911
Fish Biologist Jill Hardiman 509-538-2906
Research Biogeographer James Hatten 509-538-2932
Fish Biologist Tyson Hatton 509-538-2990
Fish Biologist Brian Hayes 541-273-8689
Ext: 201
Chief - Fish Health Section Paul Hershberger, Ph.D. 360-385-1007
Ext: 225
Biological Science Laboratory Technician Marshal Hoy 206-526-2068
Facility Operations Specialist Robert (Rob) Jackson 206-526-2058
Deputy Center Director Eric Janney 541-273-8689
Ext: 202
Biological Science Technician Benjamin L Jensen 206-526-2067
Fish Biologist Ian Jezorek 509-538-2908
Maintenance Mechanic Eric E. Johnson, Licensed Journeyman HVAC/R Technician, AAS 206-526-2058
Fish Biologist Rachelle C. Johnson, Ph.D. 206-526-6560
Administrative Officer Michael C. Kelley
Fish Biologist Jake Kelley 509-538-2909
Supervisory Research Fish Biologist Tobias J Kock 509-538-2915
Research Fish Biologist Jacob Krause, Ph.D. 541-273-8689
Research Microbiologist Gael Kurath, Ph.D. 206-526-6583
Supervisor - IT Specialist (SysAnalysis) Phong La 206-526-2525
Fish Biologist Kimberly Larsen 206-526-2539
Biological Science Technician Brad Liedtke 509-538-2974
Research Fish Biologist Theresa "Marty" Liedtke 509-538-2963
Research Fish Biologist Jan Lovy, Ph.D. 206-526-6589
IT Specialist (Customer Support) Tyler D. Lown
Biologist Ashley H. MacKenzie 360-385-1007
Ext: 222
Fish Biologist Carolyn Malecha 541-273-8689
Biological Science Technician Georgia Martin 509-538-2943
Fish Biologist Barbara Martin 541-273-8689
Ext: 216
Research Physiologist Emeritus Alec Maule, Ph.D. 509-538-2929
Budget Analyst Chelsea E. Mouton
Laboratory Worker Penny Orr 206-526-2064
Research Fish Biologist Carl Ostberg, Ph.D. 206-526-2535
Quantitative Biologist David J Paez, Ph.D. 360-385-1007
Ext: 221
Biological Science Technician Rachael Paul-Wilson 541-273-8689
Research Fish Biologist Russell Perry, Ph.D. 509-538-2942
Research Fish Biologist John Plumb, Ph.D. 509-538-2903
Research Statistician (Biology) Adam Pope 509-538-2916
IT (Systems Administration) Dennis Powers 971-438-6554
Biologist (Communications and Outreach Coordinator) Rachel Reagan 509-538-2914
Fish Biologist Tobyn Rhodes 509-758-3311
Fish Biologist Steve Rubin 206-526-2533
Center Director Michael William Schmidt 206-526-6291
Biologist Prarthana Shankar, Ph.D. 206-526-6591
Fish Biologist Matthew Sholtis 509-538-2905
Fish Biologist Collin D. Smith 509-538-2919
Fish Biologist Karl Stenberg 206-526-2041
Biological Science Technician Nicholas Swyers 509-538-2925
Research Fish Biologist Kenneth Tiffan 509-538-2972
Biological Science Technician Ryan Tomka 509-538-2902
Biological Science Technician Lisa Weiland 509-538-2946
Fish Biologist Lisa Wetzel 206-526-2538
Research Microbiologist, Emeritus James Winton, Ph.D. 206-526-6587