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This list of Water Resources Mission Area publications includes both official USGS publications and journal articles authored by our scientists. A searchable database of all USGS publications can be accessed at the USGS Publications Warehouse.

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Ground-water studies in Saratoga County, New York

No abstract available.
R.C. Heath, F. K. Mack, J.A. Tannenbaum

Quality of waters in California

The quality-of-water investigations of the U.S. Geological Survey are concerned with the chemical and physical characteristics of surface and ground water supplies of the nation in conjunction with water usage and its availability. The basic records for the 1963 water year for quality of surface waters within the State of California are given in this report. For convenience and interest there are

Reconnaissance geology and hydrology on the Nett Lake Indian Reservation, Minnesota

The Nett Lake Indian Reservation is in northern Minnesota, about 210 miles north of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The village of Nett Lake (population about 300) is the only community on the reservation. This report is the result of an investigation made to provide a central water source for the village, at the request of the Public Health Service of the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfa
R.F. Norvitch

Chemical character of streams in the Delaware River basin

The water chemistry of streams in the Delaware River basin falls into eight general groups, when mapped according to the prevalent dissolved-solids content and the predominant ions normally found in the water. The approximate regions representing each of these iso-chemical quality groups are shown on the accompanying base map of the drainage basin.
Peter W. Anderson, Leo T. McCarthy

Effects of drought in central and south Texas

The effects of drought upon ground-water storage and discharge, and upon streamflow, vary tremendously in the central third of Texas (the area from the Panhandle to the Gulf of Mexico). Extremes are represented by (a) the Llano Estacado, where the drought had negligible effect upon ground-water resources, which are being progressively depleted by pumping for irrigation; and (b) the Balcones fault-
H. E. Thomas

Some relations between streamflow characteristics and the environment in the Delaware River region

Streamflow characteristics are determined by a large number of factors of the meteorological and terrestrial environments. Because of lack of quantitative data to describe some of the factors and complex interrelations among them, complete analysis of the relations between streamflow and the various environmental factors is impossible. However, certain simplifying assumptions and generalizations m
A. G. Hely, F. H. Olmsted

Short papers in geology, hydrology, and topography: Articles 180-239

This collection of 60 short papers on subjects in the fields of geology, hydrology, topography, and related sciences is the last of a series released as chapters of Professional Paper 450. The papers in this chapter report on the scientific and economic results of current work by members of the Conservation, Geologic, Topographic, and Water Resources Divisions of the United States Geological Surve