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Water Resources Mission Area: Key Officials and Organizational Structure

Listing of key officials and organizational information about the Water Resources Mission Area and its five primary organizational offices.

Organizational Structure

The WMA is organized into five primary offices: Office of the Associate Director, Office of Budget, Office of Planning and Programming, Office of Quality Assurance, and the Office of the Chief Operating Officer.

The organization aligns WMA units around the core science functions needed to achieve the vision for water science described in the Water Science Strategy, while at the same time sustaining our core functions in variable budget climates. By focusing on the end-to-end process represented in the structure – building from observations and analysis, to cyberinfrastructure, to research and development and deploying new tools, applications, and information capabilities, WMA is equipped to nimbly address the diverse array of water challenges that are impacting society right now and in the future.


Water Resources Mission Area Key Officials


Title Name
Associate Director for Water Donald Cline
Deputy Associate Director for Water

Joshua Joseph

Science Advisor Meredith Martin
Executive Staff Assistant Tyana Beasley
Senior Science Advisor Tim McHale
Senior Science Advisor for Water/International John Lane
Delaware River Master Kendra Russell
Chief of Water Budget Office

Gene Summerhill

Financial Administrator

Nathan Wenger

Office of Quality Assurance Director Alissa Coes
Office of Planning and Programming Director Bob Joseph
Office of Planning and Programming Deputy Director Dianna Crilley
Cooperative Matching Funds Coordinator Joel Galloway
Program Science Coordinator  
Business Information Systems Brian Reece
Integrated Water Prediction (IWP) Program Manager


Next Generation Water Observing Systems (NGWOS) Program Manager

Brian Pellerin

Integrated Water Availability Assessments (IWAAs) Program Manager Lori Sprague
National Water Information System (NWIS) Program Manager Daniel Pearson
Water Resources Availability Program (WRAP)
Water Resources Availability Program Coordinator Mindi Dalton
Water Resources Availability Deputy Program Coordinator Brian Clark
Water Observing Systems Program (WOSP)
Water Observing Systems Program Coordinator Chad Wagner
Water Observing Systems Deputy Program Coordinator Cory Angeroth
Water Resources Research Act Program
Water Resources Research Act Program Coordinator


Chief Operating Officer

Gary Rowe

Deputy Chief Operating Officer Boyce Blanks 
Senior Science Strategy Advisor Nate Booth
Enterprise Technology Office
Chief Technology Officer Carter Elmore
Deputy Chief Technology Officer Morgan Schneider
Infrastructure and Services Branch Chief Roman Brittenham
Compliance Branch Chief Megan Frayer
Engineering Branch Chief

Jeremy Newson 

Project Management Office
Chief Projects Officer Glenn Henz
Observing Systems Division
Observing Systems Division Director Janice Fulford
Observing Systems Division Deputy Director Jeff Deacon
Hydrologic Instrumentation Facility Branch Chief Kevin Kotun
Hydrologic Networks Branch Chief

Molly Wood (acting)

Hydrologic Remote Sensing Branch Chief Jack Eggleston
Laboratory & Analytical Services Division
Laboratory & Analytical Services Division Director Selene Hernandez Ruiz
Laboratory & Analytical Services Division Deputy Director Cherie Miller
National Water Quality Laboratory Branch Chief Jeff McCoy
Quality Systems Branch Chief Jim Simmons
Project Laboratories Branch Chief Dana Erickson
Strategic Laboratory Science Branch Chief Mari Lee
Earth System Processes Division
Earth System Processes Division Director Sandy Eberts
Earth System Processes Division Deputy Director Dot Lundberg
Environmental Hydrodynamics Branch Chief David Saad
Hydrologic Impacts Branch Chief Jeni Keisman
Water Budget Branch Chief Kurt McCoy
Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division
Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division Director David Lesmes
Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division Deputy Director John Brakebill
Geo-Intelligence Branch Chief Roland Viger
Earth Systems Modeling Branch Chief

Matt Miller (acting)

Analysis and Prediction Branch Chief  
Modeling Support and Coordination Branch Chief

John Brakebill (acting)

Integrated Information Dissemination Division
Integrated Information Dissemination Division Director Joe Nielsen
Integrated Information Dissemination Deputy Division Director Jim Galvin
Web Communications Branch Chief Emily Read
Data Science Branch Chief Gericke Cook
Decision Support Branch Chief    Jennifer Rapp