Allison A Shipp



Allison currently is the Acting Regional Director and the Deputy Regional Director for Science for the USGS Rocky Mountain Region (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming).

Career History and Highlights

Allison began her USGS career as a graduate student working on the Trinity River NAWQA in Texas focusing on surface and groundwater quality. After Texas, she moved to Kentucky, conducting water quality research and developing models and simulations to support TMDL and other management decisions. Allison moved into management of science research in Pennsylvania and at HQ in Reston, VA. In 2002, Allison began working in the Western Region Office of the Regional Director, then the South Central Area, the Southwest Region, and currently the Rocky Mountain Region. During her career she has had the opportunity to lead Climate, Ecosystems, Minerals, and Water Science Centers. Her focus since 2002 has been on supporting science and research and advancing integrated science opportunities to underpin stakeholder decisions by building partnerships across Mission Areas, Science Centers, and with partners on the landscape. Allison has 30 years of federal service in the Department of the Interior (DOI). Before coming to the USGS, Allison worked 7 years for the State of Texas and 6 years for the City of Austin.


Allison earned a Master of Science in Environmental and Water Resource Engineering degree from University of Texas at Austin. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with a minor in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin.