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Andrew Teeple

Andrew is a hydrologist and team lead of the Geophysics and Subsurface Analysis Unit in the Central Texas Program Office.

As a student, Andrew began working with the USGS in the Nebraska Water Science Center in 2003.

In 2006, Andrew became a full-time Hydrologist for the Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center. As a hydrologist, he uses advanced borehole and geophysical techniques to aid in the interpretation of hydrogeologic characterization and framework, preferential groundwater flow paths, interaction potential between hydrogeologic units, groundwater/surface-water interaction, freshwater/saline-water transition zone delineation, conceptual model development, and other groundwater related concerns in the United States and internationally (Mexico, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia, and Thailand).

From 2009-2014, Andy was the Groundwater Database Administrator for Texas tasked with establishing sites in the National Water Information System, reviewing the groundwater site inventory for errors and inconsistencies, and assisting personnel in data retrieval and entry from and to the database.

In 2014, Andy began and continues to serve as the team lead of the Geophysics and Subsurface Analysis Unit (GSAU) in Austin, Texas. As a team lead, he coordinates the actions of the GSAU. During his 13 years with the USGS, he has been author or coauthor of multiple published scientific investigation reports.