Elise Irwin, Ph.D.

Elise Irwin has been the Assistant Unit Leader for Fisheries at the ALCFWRU since January 1995.


Elise can be reached at her University email address: eirwin@usgs.gov 



  • Ph D North Carolina State University 1994
  • MS Tennessee Technological University 1989
  • BS Delaware State College 1987

Research Interests

Dr. Irwin is the leader of a broad research program in fisheries ecology with emphasis on reduction of uncertainty regarding how anthropomorphic changes in riverine and other aquatic environments affect biological processes of aquatic species. Thematically her research has primarily investigated how management, landscape patterns and disturbance regimes affect biological processes in aquatic systems, with two main areas of focus: 1) effects of spatial and temporal arrangement of riverine habitat on population parameters of fishes and, 2) definition and reduction of uncertainty regarding functional relations between hydrologic and chemical characteristics of riverine environments and fish distribution, abundance and/or growth of fish and invertebrates.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Irwin teaches a course on management of river systems at Auburn University. The course is inter-disciplinary and covers topics related to managing rivers for multiple uses. Dr. Irwin also teaches courses on Structured Decision Making and Adaptive Management at the National Conservation Training Center.