Erick R Burns

Erick is a research hydrologist at the USGS Oregon Water Science Center. He specializes in the development of methods and tools for analysis and simulation of groundwater and heat flow in the subsurface, particularly in the volcanogenic terrains of California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.


Erick Burns is a research hydrologist with the USGS Oregon Water Science Center.  His research experience is varied, including groundwater flow and transport, geothermal energy, geostatistical methods and stochastic analysis, process thermodynamics, agricultural water pollution, and seawater intrusion. Additionally, Erick has taught hydrology and geostatistics courses. 



Oregon State University                 Bioresource Engineering -  Ph.D.  2004

Oregon State University                 Mathematics - M.S.  2004

University of Nevada – Reno           Hydrologic Sciences (Groundwater) - M.S.  1996

Northern Arizona University            Geology (extended major: geophysics) - B.S.  1994



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