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Jeni Keisman, Ph.D.

Jeni Keisman is the Hydrologic Impacts Branch Chief for the United States Geological Survey Water Resources Mission Area Earth Systems Processes Division. 

Jeni Keisman is the Hydrologic Impacts Branch Chief for the WMA Earth Systems Processes Division. Her work has included explaining factors affecting trends in water quality and habitat conditions, analysis of water consumption for producing transportation fuels, research on nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in forests, and synthesis of scientific insights to inform future research directions and environmental management decisions. 

Professional Experience

  • Prior experiences include a fellowship at the DoE where she tackled projects related to the “Water-Energy Nexus”, a grantee position at the EPA analyzing attainment of Chesapeake Bay water quality standards, dissertation research on nutrient cycling under different tree species in temperate forests, and a stint in the private sector producing financial software to track corporate insider trading.

Education and Certifications

  • Ph.D.: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University

  • M.S.: Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology, University of Maryland

  • B.A.: History from St. Mary’s College of Maryland

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