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Kimberly Beisner

Kimberly Beisner conducts geochemical research to understand the evolution of groundwater from recharge as precipitation through water rock interactions. She focuses on mining hydrology and dissolved gas and isotope tracer projects.

Kimberly's USGS experience started in the Utah Water Science Center as a graduate student working on mercury and selenium associated with the Great Salt Lake and abandoned uranium mines in southern Utah.  Following graduation, she joined the Arizona Water Science center where she has worked on geochemical studies related to the lands withdrawn from uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, water resources at Saguaro National Park, stable isotope and noble gas sampling of groundwater of the Verde watershed to understand recharge elevation, groundwater and surface water sampling for the NAWQA program. Currently, she serves as the New Mexico Water Quality specialist and continues to work with the Arizona Water Science Center on geochemical studies.


Education and Certifications

  • M.S. Geology (2008), University of Utah (Thesis "Selenium and trace element mobility affected by periodic interruption of stratification in the Great Salt Lake, Utah")

  • B.S. Environmental Geology (2006), University of Kansas (Thesis "Short-term water-level fluctuations and long-term water-level decline at the Konza Prairie: Drought or Vegetation?")


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