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Molly McCormick

Connecting state-of-the-art science with today's land management challenges.

Molly's work includes an understanding of complex human and natural systems, the importance of relationships between people and place, and recognition of the policies and social structures that shape our work. As an ecologist, Molly is interested in the function and restoration of dryland ecosystems: grasslands, scrublands, and woodlands. She works on disturbances created by climate change, drought, fire, invasive species, mining and energy development, and other types of land use. She facilitates pro-active approaches to disturbance with strategic adaptation planning. This work is important as degraded deserts create human health risks, increase chance of catastrophic fire, and loss of habitat which affects species of concern and working landscapes. Molly is the coordinator of the Restoration Assessment and Monitoring Program for the Southwest (RAMPS) where she collaborates with mulitiple stakeholders to develop creative solutions to complex socio-ecological issues.

Molly currently sit as the USGS federal liaison for the Plant Conservation Alliance and works on the National Native Seed Strategy that works to develop genetically appropriate native plant materials for restoration across the U.S., including U.S. territories and tribal nations.

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