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Noah Schmadel

Noah Schmadel is a hydrologist with the USGS Water Resource Mission Area.


  • Sustainable management of water resources including both water quality and quantity
  • Integrated hydro-terrestrial constituent modeling and data collection strategies to forecast regional water quality outcomes
  • Dominant river corridor components including hyporheic zones, floodplains, and ponded waters
  • Hydrologic and chemical alterations caused by land use and water resource decisions


  • Developing regional water quality models and improving their physical basis (SAS, SPARROW)
  • Hydroinformatics including data mining, standardization, preservation, and transferability (R, Python, Matlab, SQL Server, Visual Basic)
  • Contaminant and heat transport modeling through surface water and groundwater systems including calibration, sensitivity analyses, and numerical and analytical solution techniques (COMSOL Multiphysics)
  • Identifying cumulative and relative effects of river corridor processes (NHD)
  • Assessing hydro-chemical alterations caused by land use and water resource decisions (NLCD, NWIS)
  • Stream channel and watershed characterization techniques using remotely-sensed imagery and topographic analyses (LiDAR-derived DEMs, thermal infrared imagery, ArcGIS)