Shaul Hurwitz



PhD (1999), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



My research interests focus on the coupling between groundwater flow, heat and mass transport, and various geological processes, mainly in volcano-hydrothermal systems. In these systems, aqueous and gas-rich fluids are a source of hazard (e.g., propellant in steam-driven explosions, lubricant in mudflows, toxic gases and dissolved constituents), a resource (e.g., geothermal energy and mineral deposits), and a potential indicator for one of the earliest warnings of unrest. Many of the geochemical, geodetic, and seismic signals measured at the ground surface as part of the volcano monitoring techniques have hydrothermal origins or magmatic origins modulated by the intervening hydrothermal system.

My major research objectives are to characterize spatial and temporal patterns of temperature, pressure, chemistry, and phase (e.g. liquid or gas) in volcano-hydrothermal systems and relate them to magmatic and/or volcanic activity. I also apply thermodynamic models and multi-phase numerical models of groundwater flow and heat transport to develop quantitative and conceptual models of hydrothermal systems. This research is intended to support the USGS Volcano Hazards Program’s broad goal of lessening the harmful impacts of volcanic activity and the USGS Geothermal Project goals of exploring and developing technologies that will allow us to tap into reservoirs of geothermal heat that are known to exist in the Earth’s crust. Research questions include: (1) What are the modes of heat and mass transfer from magma to the shallow subsurface? (2) What are the pressure, temperature, and fluid-saturation conditions between magma and the land surface? (3) What are the thermodynamic controls on hydrothermal-rock interaction and the chemistry of hydrothermal discharge? (4) How well-coupled are various fluid flow, transport, and mechanical deformation processes?

Most of my recent work is summarized in review papers on geyser dynamics, Yellowstone’s hydrothermal system and numerical models in magma-hydrothermal systems.



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