Stephen T Jackson, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen Jackson is the Director of the Southwest and South Central Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs), two of the eight regional centers that form the National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Center network.


Dr. Stephen Jackson came to the CASC network from the University of Wyoming, where he was a professor of botany and founding director of the doctoral program in ecology.

Before joining the University of Wyoming in 1995, Dr. Jackson held faculty positions at Indiana University, Idaho State University, and Northern Arizona University. He is past president of the American Quaternary Association and is on the governing board of the Ecological Society of America and the editorial boards of EcosystemsFrontiers in Ecology & Environment, and Trends in Ecology and Evolution. His own research employs tree rings, fossil rodent middens, and sediments from lakes and bogs to investigate how past climatic changes and human activities have affected species distributions, biodiversity, and ecosystem properties. 

Dr. Jackson is also an adjunct professor in the University of Arizona’s Department of Geosciences and an adjunct research professor in the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment.