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Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson is a Research Geographer for the California Water Science Center located in the San Diego Projects office.

Tyler's primary research involves identifying the location and population served by self-supplied and publicly-suppled groundwater in the United States. Mapping these locations is important for identifying the aquifers and populations susceptible to water quality changes caused by natural or anthropogenic sources. Additional research investigates using remote sensing to identify irrigated landscapes in the urban environment. Urban irrigation such as lawn watering can be a significant percentage of the total water budget used by a household. Tyler also enjoys providing the GIS expertise for several projects, including software tools, integrated server systems, mobile solutions, and visualization. He teaches classes and gives presentations on the latest GIS and spatial technology and helps with technology transfer.

Education and Certifications

  • M.S. San Diego State University, Department of Geography: Geographic Information Science; research emphasis on satellite remote sensing and urban irrigation

  • B.A. University California at Berkeley, Department of Geography; emphasis in physical geography

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