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Civility & Inclusion Council

An advisory council to the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), specifically the Anti-Harassment Executive Steering Group, the council is currently made up of six USGS employees from across USGS mission areas.

Educational Seminars

In the spirit of fostering a safe workplace with a culture of inclusion, civility and diversity, the CIC has invited speakers to provide educational seminars at the USGS.

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The Civility & Inclusion Council (CIC) works toward an inclusive workplace environment within the Bureau by fostering and promoting the civil treatment of employees and proactively addressing harassment and discrimination. Some of our workplace initiatives include:

The mission of the Civility and Inclusion Council is to work closely with Executive Leadership. However, the council also works with the Human Capital organization, the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, and Bureau management to meet the goals and objectives of the Department of the Interior’s “Policy on Equal Opportunity and Zero Tolerance of Discrimination and Harassment” and the USGS Anti-Harassment Policy (370.734.1).

Originally, the CIC was the “Anti-Harassment Action Team” that was organized by Suzette Kimball and Virginia Burkett in 2016 as an employee-led group meant to assess the current environment in the USGS regarding harassment and to develop ways to bring attention to and address issues around harassment. This team has worked closely with ELT, Human Capital, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, and Solicitor’s Office on various initiatives. The team wrote a charter in 2019 and established its role as the Civility and Inclusion Council.


FY20 Civility & Inclusion Council Current Members

Tina Roberts-Ashby CIC

Council Chair
Tina Roberts-Ashby
Center Director for Eastern Energy Resources Science Center and 
Eastern Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center
National Center in Reston, VA

Virginia Burkett CIC

Virginia Burkett
Chief Scientist for Climate and Land Use Change
Directors Office
Many, LA

Aimee Devaris CIC profile pic

Aimee Devaris
Regional Director for the Alaska Region
Anchorage, AK​​​​​​​

Alexandra Etheridge CIC

Alexandra Etheridge
Water-Quality Specialist with California Water Science Center
Sacramento, CA

Glenn Henz CIC

Glenn Henz
Chief Projects Officer for Water Mission Area
Sacramento, CA

Jennifer Malpass

Jennifer Malpass
Biologist with Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
Laurel, MD

Jenna Shelton CIC

Jenna Shelton
Research Hydrologist with Eastern Energy Resources Science Center
Sacramento, CA

​​​​​​​Collaboration and support for Council provided by

Anti-Harassment Executive Steering Group:
Jo-Ann Dominique
Anti-Harassment Program Manager

Regina Neal-Mujahid
Chief, Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity


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