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These publications are written or co-authored by Central Midwest Water Science Center personnel in conjuction with their work at the USGS and other government agencies.  They include USGS reports, journal articles, conference proceedings, and published abstracts that  are available in the USGS Publications  Warehouse.

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Year Published: 1964

Water resources of the English River, Old Mans Creek, and Clear Creek basins in Iowa

The surface and ground water resources of a 991 square mile area comprising the drainage basins of English River, Old Mans Creek and Clear Creek are presented. These basins lie to the west and southwest of Iowa City, Iowa, and all three streams are tributary to the Iowa River. The area is comprised of rolling uplands with relatively broad valleys...

Schwob, H.H.
Water resources of the English River, Old Mans Creek, and Clear Creek basins in Iowa; 1964; OFR; 64-141; Schwob, H. H.

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Year Published: 1963

Cedar River basin floods

No abstract available

Schwob, Harlan H.

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Year Published: 1961

Surface water records of Iowa

No abstract available.

Surface water records of Iowa; 1961; USGS Unnumbered Series; Geological Survey (U.S.)

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Year Published: 1961

Geology and ground-water resources of Clayton County, Iowa

Clayton County includes 784 square miles in northeastern Iowa and in 1960 had a population of 21, 962.  For the most part, the county is a dissected upland that is drained mainly by the southeastward flowing Turkey River and its principal tributary, the Volga River.  The Turkey River empties into the Mississippi River, which flows...

Steinhilber, W.L.; Van Eck, O. J.; Feulner, A.J.

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Year Published: 1958

Low-flow characteristics of Iowa streams

Study of the occurrence of low flow on interior Iowa streams and the Big Sioux River.

Schwob, Harlan H.

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Year Published: 1957

Drainage areas of Iowa streams

The drainage area of a stream at a specified location ordinarily may be defined as that area, measured in a horizontal plane, which is enclosed by a topographic divide such that direct surface runoff from precipitation would drain by gravity into the river basin above the specified point. One of the most important factors in the hydrologic...

Larimer, O.J.

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Year Published: 1955

Geology and ground-water resources of Webster County, Iowa

Webster County, comprising an area of 718 square miles just northwest of the center of Iowa, had a population of 44,241 in 1950, with 25,115 in Fort Dodge, the principal city. Some 94.4 percent of the county is in farm land; corn is the principal crop and is used in the raising of hogs and cattle, an important oc cupation in this part of the...

Hale, William E.

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Year Published: 1944

Surface water resources of Iowa for the period October 1, 1940 to September 30, 1942

The State and Federal cooperative program for the systematic collection of stream-flow records in Iowa was initiated in L914, although a few records were obtained by special arrangements during an earlier period. Since the beginning of the cooperative program measurements of stage or discharge have been obtained at about 100 stations on Iowa...

Crawford, Lawrence C.

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Year Published: 1942

Summaries of yearly and flood flow relating to Iowa streams 1873-1940

As a result of the need for basic data and the lack of a current and convenient summary concerning the surface-water resources of lown, a synoptic inventory has been prepared as a part of the present State-wide program which is made possible by State and Federal cooperative action. These hydrologic data are assembled in abbreviated form for the...

Crawford, Lawrence C.