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Collaboration Areas

The CDI facilitates collaboration areas that form around common interests, help address challenges, and identify solutions that enable data integration efforts.

Collaboration areas may host presentations on the latest tools and information in their area, have discussions about questions in their field, or meet for a finite time to solve a current challenge. Any CDI member can propose and start a collaboration area. Participating in one of these groups is a great way to meet peers with similar interests and knowledge to share.

Current active collaboration areas include:

Collaboration area lead names link to staff profiles.

Collaboration Area Lead(s) Email
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Pete Doucette
JC Nelson
Data Management Madison Langseth
Tara Bell
Data Visualization Cee Nell
DevOps David Hughes
Derek Masaki
Robert Djurasaj
eDNA Jason Ferrante
Damian Menning
EROS User Group Tom Maiersperger
Fire Science Paul Steblein
Geomorphology Jess LeRoy
Hyperspectral Ray Kokaly
Itiya Aneece
Zhuoting Wu
Chris Crawford
Imagery Data Cian Dawson
Frank Engel
Inland/Coastal Bathymetry Phil Rufe
Markdown/LaTeX Richie Erickson
Leslie Hsu
Metadata Reviewers Fran Lightsom
Model Catalog Leslie Hsu

Kristin Ludwig
Emily Brooks
Dave Ramsey
Matt Jurjonas
Semantic Web Fran Lightsom
Software Development Michelle Guy
Jeremy Newson
Tech Stack Derek Masaki

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