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Collaboration Areas

The CDI facilitates collaboration areas that form around common interests, help address challenges, and identify solutions that enable data integration efforts.

Collaboration areas may host presentations on the latest tools and information in their area, have discussions about questions in their field, or meet for a finite time to solve a current challenge. Any CDI member can propose and start a collaboration area. Participating in one of these groups is a great way to meet peers with similar interests and knowledge to share.

Collaboration Area Contacts

Collaboration Area Lead(s) Email
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Neal Pastick

Allison Appling

Cryosphere Erich Peitzsch
Caitlyn Florentine
Theo Barnhart
Data Management Madison Langseth
Tara Bell
Data Visualization Cee Nell
DevOps Robert Djurasaj
Fire Science Paul Steblein
Geomorphology Jess LeRoy
Marina Metes
Hyperspectral Ray Kokaly
Itiya Aneece
Zhuoting Wu
Chris Crawford
Imagery Data Frank Engel
Inland Bathymetry Phil Rufe
Markdown/LaTeX Richie Erickson
Rebecca Ransom
Metadata Reviewers Fran Lightsom
Model Catalog Leslie Hsu
Power Platform Rebecca Bushon
Laura Hempel
Sean Andrews
Nam Ngueyen
Sean Strickland
Risk Alice Pennaz
Dave Ramsey
Jack Friedman
Semantic Web Fran Lightsom
Software Development

Heather Hunsinger

Kirstie Haynie

Carl Schroedl

Statistics Karen Ryberg
Tech Stack David Blodgett
Usability Rachel Bryan

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Collaboration Area Descriptions


Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

The purpose of the group is to discover and share AI/ML work being done at the USGS, offer learning opportunities, learn what needs exist across the bureau, and create connections between USGS employees.


A group to share information related to the cryosphere. The cryosphere is the collective portions of the Earth’s surface where water is in its frozen state – snow cover, ice sheets and shelves, freshwater ice, sea ice, icebergs, permafrost, and ground ice.

Data Management

A team dedicated to developing mechanisms for incorporating data management into science, raising awareness of its importance and value, and promoting the elevation of the practice of data management as a critical partner in the pursuit of science.

Data Visualization

A group to build community around data visualization methods, implementations, and tips. 


A group to share techniques and lessons learned using DevOps tools and methods. DevOps (a clipped compound of "software DEVelopment" and "information technology OPerationS") is a term used to refer to a set of practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of both software developers and information technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes.

Fire Science

A common space that can be used by the USGS community to share any and all information related to fire science at the bureau. 


A group for sharing information related to geomorphology data, projects, and tools and promoting communication among geomorphologists.

Hyperspectral Data

A community of people interested in sharing and discussing hyperspectral data.

Imagery Data

A group to facilitate increased knowledge transfer and collaboration across USGS on development and use of imagery management systems for online storage and delivery of scientific data collected by cameras and other optical sensors.

Inland/Coastal Bathymetry

The USGS Bathymetry Research Coordination Group established this Collaboration Area to serve as virtual space for people to share and access information about inland/coastal bathymetry activities.


A team dedicated to exploring Markdown and LaTeX technologies.

Metadata Reviewers

The purpose of this group is to develop a community of practice for people who review metadata, so that the standards across the USGS are consistent. This group will enable new people to this role to learn from people who are experienced metadata reviewers.

Model Catalog

A working group to inform a USGS Model Catalog (beta) at

Power Platform

A community of practice created to bring together existing and future Microsoft Power Platform users to share resources and ideas, learn from each other, receive training, and co-locate Power Platform information.

Risk Research and Applications

An open forum to share resources and discuss issues that are relevant to risk research and applications.

Semantic Web

A group exploring semantic web technologies as possible methods for USGS data and information projects.

Software Development

A community for DOI (Department of the Interior) software developers and other interested parties to discuss software release protocols and policies, development best practices, software metadata, and software libraries, packages, and tools.


A CDI community of practice dedicated to learning and sharing about statistics in earth science.

Tech Stack

A group learning about the “stack” of technology that can be used to promote the management and use of data. 


A place to build and enrich a community of user experience professionals at USGS and in the greater science community by providing a space to meet, share, and learn with one another. Topics include user-centered design, usability testing, user research, UX strategy, UX design, and content strategy.