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New Jersey Current Water Conditions

New Jersey Current Water Conditions

Real-time New Jersey Streamflow, Groundwater, and Water-quality conditions available through an interactive map application.

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Water Science In New Jersey

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Date published: April 23, 2019

Africa Groundwater Program

USGS International study promotes groundwater sustainability using innovative science and technology transfer

Date published: October 26, 2018

A Unified Research Strategy for Disease Management

As wildlife diseases increase globally, an understanding of host-pathogen relationships can elucidate avenues for management and improve conservation efficacy. Amphibians are among the most threatened groups of wildlife, and disease is a major factor in global amphibian declines.

Date published: March 1, 2018

USGS Deploys Storm-Tide Sensors in Advance of Nor’Easter

USGS field crews are deploying storm-tide and wave sensors today from Maine to Delaware to track and study a Nor’easter forecasted to begin tomorrow.


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Year Published: 2019

Drought forecasting for streams and groundwaters in northeastern United States

BackgroundWhen rainfall is lower than normal over an extended period, streamflows decline, groundwater levels fall, and hydrological drought can occur. Droughts can reduce the water available for societal needs, such as public and private drinking-water supplies, farming, and industry, and for ecological health, such as maintenance of water...

Austin, Samuel H.; Dudley, Robert W.
Austin, S.H., and Dudley, R.W., 2019, Drought forecasting for streams and groundwaters in northeastern United States: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2019–3015, 4 p.,

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Year Published: 2019

Fungicides: An overlooked pesticide class?

Fungicides are indispensable to global food security and their use is forecasted to intensify. Fungicides can reach aquatic ecosystems and occur in surface water bodies in agricultural catchments throughout the whole growing season due to their frequent, prophylactic application. However, in comparison to herbicides and insecticides, the exposure...

Zubrod, Jochen; Bundschuh, Micro; Arts, Gertie; Bruhl, Carsten; Imfeld, Gwenaël; Knäbel, Anja; Payraudeau, Sylvain; Rasmussen, Jes J; Rohr, Jason; Scharmüller, Andreas; Smalling, Kelly; Stehle, Sebastian; Schulz, Ralf; Schäfer, Ralf B.

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Year Published: 2019

Associations between environmental pollutants and larval amphibians in wetlands contaminated by energy-related brines are potentially mediated by feeding traits

Energy production in the Williston Basin, located in the Prairie Pothole Region of central North America, has increased rapidly over the last several decades. Advances in recycling and disposal practices of saline wastewaters (brines) co-produced during energy production have reduced ecological risks, but spills still...

Smalling, Kelly L.; Anderson, Chauncey W.; Honeycutt, R. Ken; Cozzarelli, Isabelle M.; Preston, Todd M.; Hossack, Blake R.