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Our staff consists of scientists, technicians, and support personnel who are committed to providing accurate and timely water science to New Jersey and the Nation.


Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologic Technician Robert Atkinson 609-771-3994
Hydrologic Technician Justice Benjamin
Hydrologic Technician Erika Bernal 609-771-3932
Hydrologist Eric Best 609-771-3916
Hydrologist Brad Bjorklund 609-771-3931
Information Technology Specialist Carol Bolden 609-771-3961
Hydrologic Technician Patrick Bowen 609-771-3985
Hydrologic Technician Kaitlin Bowen 609-771-3984
Hydrologic Technician Karl Braun 609-771-3973
Geographer Eileen J Brown 609-771-3955
Hydrologic Technician Vincent Brown 609-771-3986
Hydrologic Technician Zachary Bunnell 609-771-3900
Hydrologic Technician Kathryn Cahalane 609-771-3900
Hydrologic Technician Sally A Carullo 609-771-3969
Hydrologist / GIS Specialist Stephen J Cauller 609-771-3958
Information Technology Specialist Kelvin Chung 609-771-3972
Hydrologist Jennifer L. Closson 609-771-3969
Hydrologic Technician Jonathan A. Cohl 609-771-3995
Hydrologic Technician Jerilyn Collenburg 609-771-3981
Hydrologic Technician Sarah K. Collins 609-406-3816
Supervisory Hydrologist Anna Deetz-Boetsma 609-771-3988
Hydrologist Vincent DePaul 609-771-3940
Hydrologic Technician Jordan B Elstad
Supervisory Hydrologist Lawrence Feinson 609-771-3987
Hydrologist / Groundwater Specialist Alex R Fiore 609-771-3954
Administrative Officer Nancy Gibbs 609-771-3910
Emeritus Hydrologist Daniel J Goode 717-571-8783
Hydrologist Alison Gordon 609-771-3934
Hydrologic Technician Jacob T Gray 609-771-3902
Hydrologist / Water Quality Specialist Heather Heckathorn 609-771-3983
Associate Director for Observations Heidi L. Hoppe 609-771-3980
Scientist Emeritus Thomas E Imbrigiotta
Hydrologist Eric Jacobsen 609-771-3939
Associate Director for Investigations Jon Janowicz 609-771-3941
Hydrologist Leon Kauffman 406-754-3332
Hydrologist Liam F Kenefic 609-771-3997
Aquatic Biologist Jonathan Kennen 609-771-3948
Administrative Operations Assistant Brett Kopec 609-771-3906
Water Resources Specialist Richard Kropp
Budget Analyst Felecia Lige
Hydrologic Technician Skyler Maassen 609-771-3900
Hydrologic Technician Joseph Medina
Geochemist R. Brittany Merola
Hydrologic Technician Christopher Mooney 609-771-3900
Hydrologic Technician Michal Niemoczynski 609-771-3989
Hydrologist Lukasz Niemoczynski 570-807-9632
Center Director Timothy D Oden 609-771-3901
Hydrologic Technician Brian S Painter 609-771-3975
Hydrologist Margaret T Phillips 609-771-3938
Hydrologist Jaclynne Polcino 609-455-4613
Information Technology Specialist Deaundre K Prescott 609-406-3814
Hydrologist Pamela Reilly 609-406-3810
National Water Quality Coordinator Melissa Riskin 609-468-8844
Hydrologist Kristin Romanok 609-771-3952
Hydrologist Robert Schmidt 609-771-3900
Hydrologist Molly Schreiner 609-771-3900
Hydrologic Technician Stephan Shansey 609-771-3990
Hydrologist Jennifer Shourds 609-931-1003
Supervisory Hydrologist, Surface Water Science Team Jason Shvanda 609-771-3991
Hydrologic Technician Lucas Sirotniak
Hydrologic Technician Daniel Skulski 609-771-3998
Research Hydrologist Kelly Smalling 609-331-4850
Research Hydrologist Frederick J Spitz 609-771-3949
Hydrologist Donald Storck 609-771-3959
Hydrologist Jonathan Suchy 609-406-3819
Statistician Samantha Sullivan 609-771-3813
Hydrologist / Surface Water Specialist Thomas Suro 609-771-3968
Research Hydrologist Zoltan Szabo 609-771-3929
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician John Trainor 609-771-3993
Hydrologist Martha K Watt 609-771-3954
Hydrologic Technician Nicole M White 609-771-3935
Hydrologist Christine Wieben 609-406-3817
Geographer Brianna Williams 609-771-3937
Hydrologic Technician Christopher Witzigman 609-771-3996