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Techs gathering water quality samples with a bridge crane
October 18, 2002

Sampling from the bridge

Two New Jersey Technicians gathering water quality samles with a bridgecrane for a public demo for the National Water Monitoring Day 2002 event in the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park.

USGS Hydrologist Preserving a Water Sample
September 5, 2001

QW Weymouth

USGS Hydrologist Heidi Hoppe Preserving a water sample at Great Egg Harbor River at Weymouth, New Jersey

The South Branch Raritan River at High Bridge gage
April 5, 2001

High Bridge Gage House 1

Split brick and wood stilling well gage house on the bank of the South Branch Raritan River near High Bridge, New Jersey

July 23, 2018

2005, April 4 Flood Peak Table

Summary of flood peaks at U.S. Geological Survey gaging stations on selected streams in New Jersey during April 2-4, 2005.

October 10, 2018

Internship: Recovery of Fractured-Rock Drinking-Water Aquifers from...

Recovery of Fractured-Rock Drinking-Water Aquifers from Industrial Contamination