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Leadership Development Program

Creating A Leadership-Centered Culture at the USGS


To create a leadership-centered culture throughout the USGS that emphasizes the importance of people in the USGS to ensure high-quality science for the benefit of society


USGS Guiding Principles

Be respectful • Be accountable • Communicate Effectively • Value differences • Collaborate • Advance the USGS Mission
Discover and bring out the best in ourselves, others, and the organization


Leadership 101 from a participant's perspective —
"From the outside, it seems like the course is for mid- to upper-level managers, but that isn't what it is about at all. The detailed analysis of communication styles is of particular value for everyone. Certainly the discussions with the ELT gave me much better insight into the inner workings of USGS.

The Leadership 101 class has been a life-changer for me. I've already had many interactions with my classmates. One of my more technical new colleagues is helping me figure out Google Calendars as a planning tool for our travel secretary. The secretary was thrilled with this new organized and less irritating approach to travel. Two classmates from the East are planning to come to my Earth Day talk at NASA in DC. My action plan partner is straightening out my problems in our weekly calls. And many good ideas learned in interactions with people are getting immediate positive results."

                                              —Submitted by Beth Middleton, Leadership 101, March 2015 cadre


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