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The majority of our staff call Fort Collins, Colorado their home, but work all over the United States. FORT research and support staff work from one of four duty stations: in Colorado, at the Fort Collins Science Center or Denver Federal Center; in New Mexico, at the New Mexico Landscapes Field Station; or in Florida, at the USGS Everglades Research Offices.

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Biologist Aimee Agnew 970-226-9352
Branch Chief / Supervisory Research Ecologist Cameron L Aldridge, PhD 970-226-9433
Biologist Patrick Anderson 970-226-9488
Research Ecologist, Senior Scientist (ST) Jill S Baron, PhD 970-491-1968
Scientist Emeritus Dean Biggins, PhD 970-226-9467
Biologist Sophie R Bonner
Computer Scientist Christopher S Brown, PhD
Scientist Emeritus Brian Cade, PhD 970-226-9326
Scientist Emeritus Natasha B Carr, PhD
Ecologist Sarah Carter, PhD 970-226-9355
Computer Scientist Joseph P Chabarek
Biologist Erica M Christensen, PhD
Research Social Scientist/Biologist Nicholas Cole, PhD 970-226-9220
Ext: 220
Biologist (Bioinformatics) Robert (Scott) Cornman, PhD 970-226-9380
Research Biologist Paul Cryan, PhD 970-226-9389
Biologist Helen T Davis
Budget Analyst Anna E Deeds 970-226-9142
Biologist Emma I Dietrich, PhD
Research Ecologist David A Eads, PhD 970-226-9261
Computer Scientist Kyle Enns 970-226-9100
Research Economist Aaron J Enriquez, PhD 970-226-9371
Geneticist/Lab Manager Jennifer A Fike 970-226-9199
Research Hydrologist Jonathan Friedman, PhD 303-541-3017
Scientist Emeritus Peter J Gogan
Computer Scientist Mark Hannon 970-226-9100
Deputy Center Director Steven E Hanser 970-226-9309
Biologist Nicole D Hernandez 970-226-9435
Hydrologist Chris Holmquist-Johnson, PhD 970-226-9382
Ecologist Richard Inman, PhD 970-226-9309
Research Ecologist Catherine S. Jarnevich, PhD 970-226-9439
Biologist Sam E Jordan, PhD
Biologist Amanda M Kissel, PhD
Biologist Nathan Kleist, PhD 970-226-9341
Computer Scientist Ben Lohre
Research Ecologist Ellis Q Margolis, PhD 505-954-2156
Biologist Carolina J May
Research Economist James R Meldrum, PhD 970-226-9176
Computer Scientist Diane C Mickelson
Biologist Adrian P Monroe, PhD 970-226-9122
IT Project Manager Gail Montgomery 970-226-9253
Biologist Dana T Musto
Research Zoologist Erin Muths, PhD 970-226-9474
Computer Scientist Teague Neschke
Biologist Michael O'Donnell 970-226-9407
Scientist Emeritus Thomas O'Shea, PhD 970-226-9397
Biologist Elizabeth Orning, PhD 970-226-9309
Supervisory Research Geneticist Sara J Oyler-McCance, PhD 970-226-9197
Ext: 197
Social Scientist Olivia L Pearman, PhD
Research Ecologist Ian Pearse, PhD 970-226-9145
Research Ecologist Janet Prevéy, PhD 970-226-9249
Social Scientist Sarah L Rappaport
Branch Chief / Supervisory Biologist Brian Reichert, PhD 970-226-9245
Biologist Morgan D Roche, PhD
Scientist Emeritus Gordon H Rodda
Computer Scientist Parker Rowland
Biologist Tait K Rutherford 970-226-9355
Biologist Ella Samuel
Biologist Mark R Sandfoss, PhD
Supervisory Research Wildlife Biologist Kate Schoenecker, PhD 970-226-9329
Biologist Andrea N Schuhmann
Branch Chief / Supervisory Social Scientist Rudy Schuster, PhD 970-226-9165
Scientist Emeritus Patrick Shafroth, PhD 970-226-9327
Hydrologist Elizabeth Skaggs 970-226-9309
Biologist Alex L Stoneburner
Social Scientist Crista L Straub, PhD 970-226-9143
Biologist Bethany Straw 970-226-9317
Research Biologist Craig Stricker, PhD 303-236-7908
Biologist Bryan C Tarbox, PhD 970-226-9309
Center Director Sharon K Taylor, DVM, PhD 970-226-9238
Administrative Office Kendra N Terrell 970-226-9217
Biologist Bradley J Udell, PhD 970-226-9419
Research Wildlife Biologist Ernest Valdez, PhD 505-277-0566
Biologist Nicholas J Van Lanen, PhD 970-226-9428
Rangeland Management Specialist Mark Vandever 970-226-9264
Biologist Gregory Wann, PhD 970-226-9309
Biologist Ashley Whipple, MS 970-226-9330
Biologist Sarah Whipple, PhD 970-226-9262
Research Social Scientist Emily J Wilkins, PhD 970-226-9338
Research Ecologist Andreas P Wion, PhD
Biologist Amy K Wray, PhD 970-226-9436
Supervisory Research Ecologist Amy Yackel Adams, PhD 970-226-9489
Computer Scientist Changrui Yuan
Computer Scientist Jesse G Zhang
Biologist Shawna J Zimmerman, PhD 970-226-9153