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James Richard Degnan

James Degnan is a hydrologist in the New England Water Science Center.

He is currently finishing a 4 year detail with the Groundwater Status and Trends, National Water Quality Program and working on some new program opportunities with the New England Water Science Center. James has been on numerous project teams tasked with multi-disciplinary investigations of hydrogeology, water chemistry, groundwater recharge dates, and riverbed sediment to help answer questions about water supply and contamination issues. He began work for the USGS in 1994 as a student working on a bridge scour project. He also participated in an exchange program in Budapest, Hungary in 1995 and received his B.S. in Geology from the University of New Hampshire in 1997. After graduation, his first duties as a hydrologist with the NH Bedrock Aquifer Assessment project included remote sensing, GIS, geophysics, and water quality data analysis. James has been involved in applied science and research projects across the US, and in Honduras and Abu Dhabi.