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Industrial limestones and dolomites in Virginia: northern and central parts of the Shenandoah Valley

The area described in this report includes the northern and central parts of Shenandoah Valley in Virginia extending from the West Virginia line southwestward to the vicinity of Greenville, Augusta County. It contains extensive deposits of high-calcium limestone averaging more than 97 per cent calcium carbonate. The Mosheim limestone, composed largely of high-calcium limestone, is the important "q
R.S. Edmundson

Geochemical modeling for mine site characterization and remediation

Geochemical Modeling for Mine Site Characterization and Remediation is the fourth of six volumes in the Management Technologies for Metal Mining Infl uenced Water series about technologies for management of metal mine and metallurgical process drainage.This handbook describes the important components of hydrogeochemical modeling for mine environments, primarily those mines where sulfi de minerals

Mathematical models for plant-herbivore interactions

Mathematical Models of Plant-Herbivore Interactions addresses mathematical models in the study of practical questions in ecology, particularly factors that affect herbivory, including plant defense, herbivore natural enemies, and adaptive herbivory, as well as the effects of these on plant community dynamics. The result of extensive research on the use of mathematical modeling to investigate the e
Zhilan Feng, Donald L. DeAngelis

Vanishing before our eyes

No abstract available
Wylie C. Barrow, William R. Fontenot, Madeline H. Barrow, Richard A. DeMay, David Muth

Estimating the environmental behavior of inorganic and organometal contaminants: Solubilities, bioaccumulation, and acute aquatic toxicities

The estimation of environmental properties of inorganic species has been difficult. In this presentation aqueous solubility, bioconcentration and acute aquatic toxicity are estimated for inorganic compounds using existing Linear Solvation Energy Relationship (LSER) equations. Many estimations fall within an order of magnitude of the measured property. For complex solution chemistry, the accuracy o
James P. Hickey