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Pecora Conference Archive

Here are documents associated with the William T. Pecora past conferences. Click the links to download and view the files. 


October 19, 2018 – Pecora 21 Conference Call for Sessions | U.S. Geological Survey (

Pecora 21 Meeting | U.S. Geological Survey (

February 1, 2019 - Landsat Session at Pecora 21 | U.S. Geological Survey (

LCMAP to Lead Workshop at Pecora 21 | U.S. Geological Survey (

Landsat Update Pecora 21 ISRSE 38 Promotion | U.S. Geological Survey (

Pecora Award Honors Excellence in Earth Observation | U.S. Geological Survey (

Barbara J. Ryan Citation | U.S. Geological Survey (

Terra Team Citation | U.S. Geological Survey (

Thomas R. Loveland Citation | U.S. Geological Survey (

Pecora 21 About the Conference

Pecora 21 Conference Program

Pecora 21 Technical Sessions

Pecora 21 Workshops

A Multi-Scale Segmentation Approach To Filling Gaps In Landsat ETM+ SLC-Off Images Through Pixel Weighting

Agriculturally Consistent Mapping Of Smallholder Farming Systems Using Remote Sensing And Spatial Modelling

Analysis Of Landslide Reactivation Using Satellite Data: A Case Study Of Kotrupi Landslide, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India

Assessing Population Sensitivity To Urban Air Pollution Using Google Trends And Remote Sensing Datasets

Assessment Of Watershed Resources For Sustainable Agricultural Development: A Case Of Developing An Operational Methodology Under Indian Conditions Through Geospatial Technologies

Automated Land Cover Change Detection Through Rapid Uas Updates Of Digital Surface Models

Data Imbalance In Landslide Susceptibility Zonation: Under-Sampling For Class-Imbalance Learning

Estimation Of Chl-A Concentration In Laguna Lake Using Sentinel-3 OLCI Images

Estimation Of Maize Nitrate Concentrations Using EO-1 Data And A Non-Linear Regression Model

From Pixel To Yield: Forecasting Potato Productivity In Lebanon And Idaho

Identifying Hurricane Impacts On Barbuda Using Citizen Science Ground Observations, Drone Photography And Satellite Imagery

Improving The Land Surface General Drought Index Model

Interoperability Of Various Data Streams Within Guyana’S MRV System

Introducing Automatic Satellite Image Processing Into Land Cover Mapping By Photo-Interpretation Of Airborne Data

Land Cover Monitoring of Laguna Lake Watershed Using MODIS NDVI

Managing Urban Sprawl Using Remote Sensing and GIS

Modeling Evapotranspiration For C4 And C3 Crops In The Western Lake Erie Basin Using Remote Sensing Data

No-Cost Landsat Data Redefines Student Research Projects In Applied Remote Sensing Classes At UW

Object-Based Image Analysis Approach To Determine The Fallow Periods For Shifting Cultivation In Indigenous Communities In Guyana

Optmization Of Bio-Optical Model Parameters For Turbid Lake Water Quality Estimation Using Landsat 8 And WASI-2D

Realtime Planetary-Scale Datacube Fusion

Refinement Of Cropland Data Layer Using Machine Learning

Thermal Remote Sensing Of Urban Climates In South Africa Through The Mono-Window Algorithm

Using Guyana's Monitoring Reporting & Verification System To Guide National Forest Management & Decision Making

Utilizing Landsat And Sentinel-2 To Remotely Monitor And Evaluate The Performance Of Winter Cover Crops Throughout Maryland 


1983 P. Anuta, L. Bartolucci, E. Dean, C. Valenzuela, E. Malaret, C. McGillem, and J. Valdez of Purdue University Abstract

1983 A. Baudoin for J. Denegre of the Institut Geographique National Abstract

1983 E.P. Beyer of General Electric Abstract

1983 C. Elachi, J.B. Cimino, and D. Evans of the Jet Propulsion Labrat

1983 A.F.H. Goetz of the Jet Propulsion Labratory Abstract

1983 W.R. Hemphill, A.F. Theisen, R.M. Tyson, and J.S. Granata Abstract

1983 C.L. Hill of NASA Abstract

1983 A.B. Kahle of the Jet Propulsion Labratory Abstract

1983 H.H. Kieffer of USGS Abstract

1983 M. Kobrick and C. Elachi of the Jet Propulsion Labratory Abstract

1983 N.H. MacLeod of the American Science and Technology Corporation Abstract

1983 W.A. Malila, D.P. Rice, and M.D. Metzler of the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan Abstract

1983 J.E. Naugle of Fairchild-Leasecraft System Abstract

1983 G. Ohrig, M. Matson, D.F. McGinnis, and S.R. Schneider of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Abstract

1983 D.E. Pitts of NASA Abstract

1983 M.H. Podwysocki, J.W. Salisbury, O.D. Jones, and D.L. Mimms of USGS Abstract

1983 A.H. Pohn of USGS Abstract

1983 R. Welch of the University of Georgia Abstract

1983 A. Baudoin of the Institut Geographique National Paper

1983 D.G. Fredrick of USGS Presentation Outline

1983 S.D. DeGloria of the University of California Berkely Abstract

1983 W.D. Carter and A.B. Park of Globex Incorprated Abstract

1983 PECORA VIII Registration List

1983 PECORA VIII Preliminary Program Pamphlet

1983 PECORA VIII Updated Program Pamphlet

1983 Pecora VIII William T. Pecora Memorial Remote Sensing Symposium Program