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Jeffrey Duda

I am a Research Ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey's Western Fisheries Research Center, stationed in Seattle, Washington.

Research Interests:

My research assignment is to develop and execute a research program focused upon priorities of the USGS Ecosystems mission area, in particular those projects that address complex natural resource issues related to land use, habitat restoration, and species recovery. I have had the pleasure to work in diverse ecosystems and ecoregions throughout the United States, on lands and waters contained in both National Parks and military installations. I have also worked across a range of biological scales, from single species to entire communities.

Over the past decade, I have focused much attention on studying the ecological outcomes of dam removal, especially the historic project on the Elwha River. This involved removal of two long-standing dams, with a major goal of restoring the ecosystem and the native anadromous fish populations that once thrived in the river. Working with a multidisciplinary team within the USGS, as well as strong collaborations with partners like NPS, NOAA, FWS, and the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, we have developed a portfolio of long-term data sets on physical and biological attributes of the Elwha River before and after dam removal.

Recently I was a member of a dam removal science working group at the USGS John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis. We worked to understand patterns of dam removal science, and to synthesize what is known scientifically about this emerging field. This led to development of the USGS Dam Removal Information Portal, an interactive online tool for visualizing and storing scientific studies associated with dam removals nationwide.

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