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John E Solder

John is valuable member of the USGS, Utah Water Science Center staff.

John's current research focuses on use of environmental and isotopic tracers to characterize groundwater resource vulnerability, both quality and amount.  

Applications have included:

  • tracking historical nitrate applications and discharge to streams
  • use of groundwater discharge to streams to evaluate the adjacent aquifer
  • understanding discharge response variability of large springs in headwater basins
  • estimating the susceptibility of municipal groundwater supplies to land-surface contamination
  • understanding temporal groundwater quality trends in terms of residence time in karst aquifers
  • identifying recharge sources and flow-paths in mountainous arid zones
  • use of multiple tracers to develop robust conceptual models of groundwater flow
  • understanding groundwater chemical evolution along flow-paths

John obtained his B.S. in Geological and Environmental Sciences from Stanford University in 2009. After weathering the economic downturn in North Lake Tahoe, John completed his M.S. thesis at University of Utah in 2013 on environmental geochemistry and groundwater surface water sampling techniques. In 2011, John started his current position as a student Hydrologist at the Utah Water Science Center, and became full-time in 2013 where he continues to learn.

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