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Tyler Wagner, PhD

Assistant Unit Leader - Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit.

Dr. Wagner received graduate degrees from the University of Idaho (MS) and Michigan State University (PhD) and was a post-doctoral researcher at the Quantitative Fishery Center at Michigan State University before joining the Pennsylvania Unit in 2008. He conducts research that addresses key challenges facing aquatic and fisheries ecology and landscape limnology in the face of global change. He conducts both applied and basic science in collaboration with diverse research teams on problems that range from local to continental in scale. Specifically, his research fills important knowledge gaps that exist in our understanding of lake and stream ecosystem processes that include: (a) fine-scale ecological properties and processes of fishes, such as habitat use, movement dynamics, and responses to legacy and emerging contaminants, (b) macro-ecological studies of lake and stream ecosystem state, including the effects of climate and land use change on lake water quality and fish growth and distributions, and (c) conducting synthetic work to study the interactions that exits between these scales. Dr. Wagner teaches courses on the ecological application of Bayesian hierarchical models.