International Programs

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Director Vic Labson, Ph.D. 703-648-6206
Science Advisor, NDAA Michael Foose 703-648-6055
Science Advisor Patricia R Bright 703-648-4058
Computer Scientist Michelle Guy 303-273-8650
Regional Science Advisor, Africa and the Middle East Jeff L Doebrich 703-648-6103
Graduate Student (Geologist-CSM) Kendall Wnuk 703-648-6072
International Specialist, Canada and Europe A-F Michelle Alexander 703-648-6016
International Specialist, Asia & Pacific, excluding China & India Lisa Allen 703-648-6068
Remote Sensing Saud Amer 703-648-6686
International Science Advisor, Biology Matthew Andersen 703-648-6058
International Specialist, Africa, Middle East/India/Former Soviet Union ILona Bentsi-Enchill 703-648-7154
International Specialist, Europe G-Z Cathi Bowles 703-648-6056