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The New Mexico Water Science Center primarily carries out its activities from offices in Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Roswell, with a highly trained staff of scientists, technicians, and support personnel committed to providing accurate and timely natural-resource information.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologic Technician Efren Alvarado 575-294-0433
Physical Scientist Tristan Austring 505-584-9751
Hydrologic Technician Sultan Ayubi 575-622-5335
Hydrologist Grady P. Ball 505-830-7960
Bureau Science Quality Officer Jeannie R. Barlow 601-421-2838
Water Chemistry Specialist Kimberly R. Beisner 505-830-7945
Hydrologist Meghan Bell 303-236-5098
Hydrologist Laura M. Bexfield 505-830-7972
Research Hydrologist (Geochemist) Johanna M. Blake, Ph.D. 505-830-7953
NMWSC IT Lead James Brakefield
Hydrologist Trevor Brannon 505-830-7900
Deputy Director for Data (Acting) Fletcher C. Brinkerhoff 505-830-7908
Hydrologist Jeb E. Brown 505-830-7915
Hydrologic Technician Karen K. Burke
Hydrologic Technician David D. Byers
Hydrologic Technician Sean L. Christeson 505-830-7900
Director (Acting) Peter Cinotto 505-830-7901
Hydrologic Technician Lydia Coenen 505-830-7900
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician - Rio Arriba Field Office Chief Jeffrey Cordova 505-830-7985
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician - Las Cruces Field Office Chief - Kyle C. Davis 575-646-8129
Hydrologic Technician Dekker C Ehlers 707-468-4040
Hydrologist Christina L. Ferguson 505-830-7900
Hydrologist Allison K. Flickinger 505-830-7957
Administrative Operations Assistant Deborah A. Fricke 505-830-7979
Administrative Officer Jacob H. Gabel 505-830-7900
Hydrologist Amy Galanter
Hydrologic Technician Jorge Gonzalez 575-294-0432
Hydrologist Erin Gray 505-830-7900
Hydrologic Technician Scott C. Green 575-640-3912
IT Support Specialist Wallace J. Greene 575-680-0553
Deputy Director for Data Mark A Gunn 505-830-7903
Hydrologic Technician Tyson Hatch 505-830-7940
Hydrologic Technician Robert M. Henrion 505-830-7926
Data Management Specialist Lauren R. Henson 505-830-7967
Deputy Director for Studies Michael S. Johnson 505-830-7933
Hydrologist Rose L. Kelley 505-830-7959
Research Hydrologist Benjamin S. Linhoff, Ph.D.
Property Management Specialist Carl S. Lopez 505-830-7900
Hydrologic Technician Casey P. Lovato 505-830-7912
Hydrologic Technician John D. Lucero 505-830-7919
Hydrologic Technician David W. Lutz 505-830-7917
Supervisory Hydrologist Anne-Marie Matherne 505-830-7971
Hydrology intern Keely E. Miltenberger 505-830-7900
Hydrologic Technician James Misutka 505-830-7900
Hydrologist Rachel L. Mixon 505-830-7900
Hydrologist C. David Moeser 505-830-7955
Hydrologic Technician Natalia Montero 505-830-7900
Hydrologic Technician Brittany Mora 505-830-7987
Hydrologist Nathan C. Myers 505-830-7942
Hydrologic Technician Harold Nelson 505-830-7973
Hydrologist Justin R. Nichols, Ph.D. 505-830-7900
Deputy Director (Acting) Stuart B. Norton 505-830-7918
Hydrologic Technician Ryan Olona 505-830-7900
Budget Analyst Shannon Patrick 505-948-8371
Hydrologic Technician Chris Peskuski 505-830-7921
Hydrologist Samuel Potteiger 505-830-7900
Student Trainee (Hydrology) Zoreya Ratigan 505-830-7900
Hydrologic Technician Bryan J. Rezin 505-830-7941
Hydrologist Andre Ritchie 505-830-7988
Supervisory Hydrologist Andrew J. Robertson 505-830-7975
Hydrologist Stephanie A. Roussel
Student Trainee (Hydrology) Ethan Sanchez 505-830-7900
Hydrologist William G. Seelig 505-250-8091
Hydrologist Zach M. Shephard 505-830-7968
Hydrology Student Anani Shomour 505-830-7913
NWIS-DBA/SA, LDM, Sediment Lab Manager Jessica Stiles 505-206-0194
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician - Albuquerque Project Office Erik Storms 505-830-7925
Program Officer Anne C. Tillery 505-830-7929
Budget Analyst Mary E. Torrez 505-830-7909
Hydrologist Caleb Van Zante 505-830-7900
Physical Scientist Sidney Wayne 505-584-9751
Hydrologic Technician Michael West 505-830-7900
Physical Scientist Michael Ray Whiting 505-584-9751
Hydrologist Kate L. Wilkins 505-830-7946
Hydrologic Technician Jeffrey Worthington 505-830-7928