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Anne C. Tillery

Program Officer, New Mexico Water Science Center

Anne Tillery has been a hydrologist in the Investigations section of the New Mexico Water Science Center since 2007. She holds a Master of Science in Earth and Planetary Science  and a Bachelor of Science in Geology. She has 15 years of experience in surface water and geomorphic processes of the southwest. Her research focuses on the hydrology, hydraulics, and geomorphology of flooding in desert ephemeral channels and of debris flows following wildfires. She is currently the project chief for the Flood Analysis program in New Mexico. She conducts pre- and post- wildfire debris flow hazards assessments and documents postwildfire flooding and debris flows around New Mexico. Ms. Tillery has published studies related to postwildfire flooding and erosion, desert ephemeral-channel flow, and Holocene climate change impacts on desert geomorphology in addition to maps of stream networks and ground water levels.